#BeCatCurious is making it easier for owners to bring their cats to clinics for health screening


Johannesburg, 4 August21: 8 August marks International Cat Day, a day dedicated to Most cat lovers are all too aware of the independence of their cats, however, that same independent streak often leads to cats masking signs of disease. This can make it difficult for owners to recognise when their cats are ill.


“The medicalisation of cats tends to be low, which is why annual wellness exams are so important to ensure cats are healthy,” says Llewellyn Sinclair, Business Unit Manager: Companion Animals and Equine at Zoetis South Africa, a global animal health company.


“Unfortunately, many cat owners find it incredibly difficult and stressful getting cats into a carrier. This is one of the reasons why they are reluctant to take their cats to their veterinarian unless they have a major health issue.


“The good news is that according to International Cat Care, research reveals that 95% of cat owners would like more advice on training their cats, which would in turn help them to get their cats to their local veterinarians with minimum stress – for the cats and their owners,” says Sinclair.


To support cat owners and to improve the lives of both cats and their owners, Zoetis is sponsoring an educational campaign that provides training and resources to make it easier to bring cats into the clinic for health screening


The #BeCatCurious campaign

The #BeCatCurious campaign includes educational material and a range of training aids that have been developed by International Cat Care (ICC) in conjunction with leading experts.


“Cats are intelligent animals,” says Sinclair. “They respond well to training, which is why we are delighted to support the #BeCatCurious initiative.”


According to the ICC, owners who use positive training and rewards find it much easier to get their cats into a carrier, which means regular annual check-ups become far easier and any feline diseases are picked up timeously.


“To keep our pets healthy and protected against parasites and other cat-related illnesses, regular visits to the veterinarian and the correct medicines are essential. The ICC’s excellent training materials allow owners to learn something new with their cats, which not only strengthens the bond between them, but makes life healthier and easier for cats and their owners. The goal is for cats to live the best life possible,” Sinclair concludes.


Owners can access the training materials via the International Cat Day online at  https://icatcare.org/international-cat-day/  and share photos and stories on social media using #BeCatCurious to celebrate the time they spend training their cat to improve their relationship.