Mobiflex Powder

Size 250gm

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The MobiFlex® range is a combination of four potent active ingredients which have natural anti-flammatory and reparative properties for use in all sizes of dogs, cats and horses.

For cats & small dogs

Each5 g contains glucosamine hydrochloride 500mg, chondroitin sulphate 600mg, methylsulphonyl-methane (MSM)5 00mg, GlycOmega-PLUS™ green shell mussel powder 200mg, manganese 5mg, ascordic acid 30mg, total sulphur 205mg.

Directions For Use
One heaped medicine measure= 5g. MobiFle®x should be mixed into food.I t is suitable for use in all animals: Adjust dose according to weight.

  • Dogs( >25kg):Give 3 medicine measures daily( can be divided in doses)for one week then reduce to 2 medicine measures daily as a maintenance dose.
  • Dogs( 10-25kg)2: – 2½ medicine measures daily for one week then 1to 1½ medicine measures daily as a maintenance dose.
  • Small dogs & cats:2 medicine measures daily for one week then 1 medicine measure daily as a maintenance dose.


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V17705 Act 36/1947


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