Pet owners a.k.a. animal guardians love spoiling their companions and to be sure there is a large selection of gifts and toys from which to choose.

The first thing is to ensure that the products which you get them are pet safe and wonโ€™t cause injury.

Play and fun interaction with humans is an important source of behavioural enrichment for our pets.

๐—ก๐—•: Please be aware of the temperature and keep play to the cooler times of the day.


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For your pets can be toys, balls, treats, beds, blankets, cat carriers, igloos, grooming brushes, bowls, collars, harnesses, personalised I.D. tags, socks filled with different treats for Christmas.


Some breeds of require more challenges than others and of course puppies always love to play.

Look for toys which will keep your dog/s busy and require some puzzle solving in order to get at their treats as this helps relieve their boredom and keeps them entertained.

For instance Kong Treat Toys, Grinz Treat Balls, Gumz Dog Treat balls, Ball Launchers enable one to launch the ball further with less effort, Tug Toys, snuffle mats and more.


Cats and kittens love climbing and gifts which meet these needs make excellent gifts such as cat posts and scratchers as they will often entertain themselves (and you) with their favourite toys.

Look for fun challenges such as the Kong Brown Squirrel Refillable Cat Toys, snuffle mats, fluffy toys and balls which they can bat around, and of course catnip beloved by most cats.


Are always a wonderful gift for dogs and cats and can be used as rewards and developing puzzle solving challenges to keep them entertained.



This article is produced by SAVetshops, in the interest of informing people and sharing information. It is not considered a reference article or a definitive medical reference. Source references are listed below and any person wishing to know more should consult these references, their local vet, state health service or doctor.


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