We, as animal lover’s never like to exclude our pets when it comes to gift giving, but are we giving the optimal play toys for their specific playful nature, maybe your pet is more of a chewer or a chaser, wouldn’t you like to be sure before spending money on something they might not enjoy. Here is our guide to buying toys for your furry loved one.

Does your dog like to Chew?

Rope toys, bone-hard chew toys and dental chew toys are all designed for low to medium chewers. Dog toys made of rubber are great for aggressive chewers because of their durability. They’re built to last and give your dog a good chewing workout. Plus, their interesting shapes will cause them to bounce unpredictably for extra fun. A moderate to heavy chewer will need extreme dog toys that are made for durability and can’t be quickly chewed into bits that could be a hazard to your pet. Soft, smooth and squishy, vinyl or latex toys are great for older dogs because they’re easy on sensitive teeth and gums.

Does your dog like to Chase?

Choose retrieving toys that fly or bounce erratically to exercise and entertain your dog without completely tiring you out. Invest in a flying disc made specifically for pets that is constructed with soft plastic or cloth. These are easier on dogs’ sensitive mouth, teeth, and gums, which is especially important for those extra athletic pups that enjoy catching flying discs in mid air! Look for retrieving dog toys constructed with rope that are good for teeth and gums.

Does your Dog like to Carry and Cuddle?

Choose soft toys made of fleece or plush fabric and the more your dog plays with these toys, the more they’ll smell familiar to your pet, making them enjoyable for play over long periods of time. They also make great companions when your dog is in the mood for quiet snuggle time. Soft toys often squeak or make other noises that capture and keep your dog’s attention. If your dog is a Chewer then soft toys will not work as they will be destroyed quickly.

Does your dog like to be Rewarded?

Balls or other shapes designed with hollow areas can be filled with treats. They’re great for keeping your dog occupied for long periods of time, as they usually won’t give up until every last bit of treat is retrieved. You can use moist food or soft dog treats and push them inside the toys. Interactive toys provide both mental as well as physical stimulation. Dog toys that conceal one or more smaller toys are also challenge and reward dogs. Playing with appropriate toys safely occupies the dog’s paws, jaws and mind, it channels pent-up physical and mental energy into something productive instead of destructive. It also gives the dog “legal” items to play with, distracting the dog from off-limits items such as shoes, plants, furniture etc. Toys can reduce stress, alleviate boredom and loneliness as well as distract and engage dogs who are prone to separation anxiety.

Properly chosen, a good Cat Toy will provide hours of mental stimulation and a valuable way for indoor cats to maintain good physical health.

10 Cat Toys and Games to keep your Cat busy.

1. Boxes- Get Creative make a little cat house, your cat will LOVE it.

2. Laser Pointer- Use with caution and never point at the eyes.

3. Paper Bags- They are cheap and much safer than plastic bags.

4. Feather Wand- Feathers satisfy the “hunting instinct” in a safe way.

5.Furry Mice- These are plentiful and cheap, some even make noises!!

6. String or Twine- What cat can resist reaching out to catch a moving string?

7. Cat Tunnels- Great for multiple cat households, Cats love Hide and Seek.

8. Catnip Toys- Most cats will find these toys irresistible, might not effect all cats.

9. Ping Pong Balls- Super light and easy to swat, cheap fun for your kitty.

10. Hair Ties- Cost effective, curious kitties won’t be able to resist.