As a nutritional aid in the management of mild to moderative degenerative joint disease in dogs and cats


  1. Evidence-based raw materials.
  2. Science-based dosages.
  3. Obtains high dosages of Omega 3 (DHA & EPA) krill powder.
  4. Potent cartilage protectant and inflammatory modulator for the management of early degenerative joint disease.

Each kilogram contains:
40g Chondriotin Sulphate (Bovine)
60g Glucosamine HCL
100g Green Lipped Mussel Extract
1000mg Beta 1-3D Glucan (pure)
100g MSM
100g Krill Powder (DHA & EPA)
5g Manganese AAC
30g Ascorbic Acid
100g Whey Powder
450g Brewers Yeast Powder


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