About Us

SAVetshops is a group of Vetshops that have been at the forefront of the Veterinary Retail industry since 2002. Branches are in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Pretoria.

Vet owned and managed, SAVetshops strive to provide top quality, client-focused shopping environments where pet owners can find the best range of pet-food and product options for their furry friends.

Highly trained staff, with Veterinary back-up, are on hand to help clients plot their pet’s well-being through the various life stages, including any special requirements that may be needed.

Pet nutrition has advanced well beyond feeding the cheapest, most convenient bag of dog/cat food, as well as toxic dips and bored pets.

SAVetshops promote the best primary health care for your pets to be healthy, happy members of your family.


Our product range includes:

  • Veterinary approved diets: Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Iams, Vets-Choice, Ultradog, Vetsbrands, Acana and Orijen are the main brands we sell.
  • Veterinary counter-products: Tick and flea products, de-wormers, shampoos, conditioners, supplements.
  • Beds, blankets and dog jerseys.
  • Grooming aids, like brushes, nail clippers and stripping combs.
  • Homeopathic supplements for a variety of conditions, such as stress and skin allergies, as well as the fresh food options where available.
  • A huge range of toys, training aids and pet accessories.
  • Delicious treat delis.
  • Leads and collars.

We have suppliers of a huge range of products, not all of which are on display in the shops. Our commitment to our customers ensures that we will endevour to source products that we do not stock.


  • In-house loyalty card: Our loyalty card rewards you for spending, the %’s back are as follows: 1% on a R0 – R250 spend, 1.5% on a R251 – R700 spend and 2% on all spends over R700. Pensioners get 4% on a Wednesday. Once you redeem those points we will match 50% of your redemption and donate it to an animal welfare.
  • Product loyalty programs: We promote any loyalty programs that our suppliers do, passing along any savings to our clients.
  • Promotions / price increases / Specials: Where we have you on our data base, we let you know what is happening, which allows you to make the most of any cost savings that we are able to pass onto our clients.

Animal Welfare:

  • We support a number of welfares, both through our loyalty cards as well as partnering them for adoption days at our different centres.
  • Welfare bin: During the colder months, we have a donation basket outside our stores, or in conjunction with our centre, where people donate beds, blankets, food etc.
  • Direct donations: Any expiring food or products are put to good use by donating to animal welfares.
  • Raffles: From time to time, each shop will run a raffle, for a fantastic product hamper, in aid of one of the local animal welfares.

Events / Community

  • Community Dog shows: In the centres that allow, we hold fun dog shows where families and individuals can come and take part in fun pet-related events.
  • Pet adoption days: Held in partnership with one of the locally registered animal welfare groups at the various shops, these adoption days allow the welfares to market themselves, highlight the plight of domestic animals and give the opportunity for individual animals to find good homes.
  • Photo competitions, raffles, win-your-purchase and our Easter egg search are some of the interesting things that happen throughout the year.

We love to talk animal, so pop in and see us, and let us help you optimise your pet’s well-being.

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